Network Health Monitoring

24x7 network monitoring: We check server logs, log your server stats, make sure your virus software is up to date, and that your backups are running to 100% completion.

Network Health

Network Health Monitoring

Be Proactive

We watch your network and critical business systems 24x7 by utilizing our state of the datacenter. Our system is redundant so you can be sure you are always covered. This solution is engineered for businesses of all sizes. We can monitor your main, remote, or branch offices. Your network and systems uptime are critical to your productivity. This is a high value feature rich solution that takes care of basic and critical administration all for a low monthly fee that includes:

This enterprise class solution can help your business improve system uptime, worker productivity, and morale. Just rebooting a server with 10 clients can cost you over two hours of production time. Call or email us today for a custom monitoring solution for your business.

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