Redundant Speed when you need it

Our network was designed for ecommerce and critical business applications.

Redundant Data Center Network

Redundant Data Center Network

High-end Availability & Scalability

The Fast PC Net network has been designed and engineered for availability and scalability. Our network gives you secure transport for your mission critical applications. From design right down to on-the-ground implementation, our data center and network are optimized for speed, flexibility and security across the full spectrum of IP transport services.

We understand the need for flexibility in today’s environment and have ensured that our network can easily meet the dynamic demands of current business applications. Leveraging outstanding fiber entrance facilities, we deploy the ‘best of breed’ in carrier-class layer 3 & 4 switching and intelligent traffic engineering platforms. This means that all our customers – around the globe – have the advantage of getting value-added services like security, redundancy and 24x7 monitoring of network health and utilization, besides service availability at wire speed straight from our core!

Speed, Reliability & Flexibility

Bgp4 Network Fast PC Net Network data center features numerous dedicated, redundant backbone networks that connect them to the public IP network using multiple high speed OC-x lines. This ensures that the risk of single-point failure is virtually eliminated, guaranteeing our customers the maximum possible network uptime. Also, our flow control platform ensures that your data always travels down the fastest available route over the Internet. With us, compromising on speed is simply not an option. When you connect to the Fast PC Net network, you get what you pay for, literally!

Customers using our co-location facilities don’t need to worry about lack of speed. Our network architecture is non-blocking – we use state-of-the-art Cisco routers and switches that provide matchless service quality – so that your bandwidth is available and reserved for you at all times. Fast PC Net Networks maintains exceptionally high standards when it comes to performance levels – our data centers are equipped to provide you with additional backbone and internal network capacity as soon as the network touches 50% utilization. We understand the critical role played by speed in ensuring your business continuity, which is why our LAN architecture scales to meet and exceed your demanding bandwidth needs. We have deployed powerful Layer 3 switches running at gigabit speeds at all our data centers so the LAN architecture can scale in anticipation of increasing demands. In the unlikely event of a bottleneck, an automatic alarm notifies the staff, who immediately implement troubleshooting procedures and inform customers. Our pre-set procedures to tackle such problems and identify their cause ensure swift resolution.

Security Comes First

secure data center All Fast PC Networks data centers are designed from the core to remain secure – countermeasures protect each against any information leaks that a hacker could use to ‘fingerprint’ internet connected networks. So your infrastructure remains your business, not everyone else’s. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all personnel comply with our high security standards. Staff is regularly trained and updated about policies and procedures necessary to operate in an environment that demands uncompromising, airtight security.

We provide dedicated/shared high-performance software and hardware firewall's that address the needs of both small enterprises and large businesses. You can choose from either single or dual Fast Ethernet feeds into your hosting environment and will be assigned the appropriate IP addressing depending on your network architecture and requirements. Our software firewall's offer packet filtering based on not just network addressing but also application port information.

Firewall solutions are deployed, configured and monitored by our team of Cisco-certified engineers, who are trained to recognize potential threats and neutralize them immediately. All firewall's and IDS systems are updated at the highest possible speeds and monitored round-the-clock to ensure that no unauthorized advances can be made toward your network and data.

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