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paid inclusion

Paid Inclusion: Traffic for a variety of relevant sources to maximize profit

Paid inclusion when used in conjunction with a good organic SEO strategy can build brand awareness, yield maximum targeted traffic and results. With paid inclusion you can target vertical markets and receive relevant traffic that organic search results can not deliver.

How Paid Inclusion works:

Search Inclusion - search engines may place sponsored search results on top of the organic or regular search results and in the right hand column. You bid on keyword phrases that when search trigger your text ads. Bids can start as low as $0.05 and go higher the more competitive the search phrase.

Content Networks - Are groups of web sites that get paid by the search engines or content network owners to show advertisement on their web sites. These web sites can show text ads, or banner advertisement.

Banner Ads - Banner Ads are making a comeback. We currently use these animated banners to promote our web site. Content networks now make it easier to show you banner on their networks and you can even target the sites you want to advertise on. You can also run your banner ads on relevant web site of your choosing.

How Paid Inclusion can transform your business:

When you implement a paid inclusion strategy, this is what you'll get:

Will work for any Budget - You have complete control of how much you spend, and the ads are easy to adjust and change

Immediate Results! - Search networks can start delivering your targeted traffic in as little as fifteen minutes after you start your campaign. Paid inclusion is an absolute must for any business web site to succeed. By attacking on multiple advertising fronts you are maximizing and enhancing your on-line presence. We can help you get results and get over the learning curve. We can get you more traffic at less cost per click.

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