Computer Security

Our solutions and procedure take away the worry from outside threats.

Network Security

Computer and Network Security Services

Firewall Services

Outsource your firewall management and use your information technology resources more effectively. Our security engineers can assist you with choosing the right firewall technology for your situation. We can provide you with on-going security systems management and configuration. Call us today to find out how Fast PC Networks can customize a firewall solution to allow your end users to operate safely and securely.

Penetration testing and security scans

We recommend an outside of network security scan after new network installations or changes to the network. Out of the box configurations are generally not secure and are set up for ease of use. The smallest overlooked detail can have devastating effects. We have several different testing solutions from SOHO to enterprise networks. We have a testing and scanning solution to verify the secure configuration of your network.

On-site security audits

The internet is not your only security risk. Your employees can be an even bigger threat. Our engineers will examine your on-site policies and procedures. We will audit your servers, workstations, and network configuration, as well as evaluate physical security where appropriate.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Fast PC Net's virtual private network solutions provide safe, secure remote access to your office network resources. Best of all, our VPN solutions easily integrate into your existing network infrastructure. Our solutions can be installed quickly and with ease. Our VPN solutions will increase overall productivity by allowing full access to only the resources required by end users to successfully complete their objective.

Wireless Security

Wireless technology has many features and benefits when properly and securely deployed. If not properly configured your wireless equipment can easily let unwanted users onto your business network. We can setup your wireless access with the latest security protocols in place. Would you like to allow visitors to your business to have wireless access? We can implement a secure responsible solution and still allow your visitors ease of use.

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