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Shopping cart software: Tips on choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart

What is Shopping cart software?

Shopping cart software is ecommerce software, which enables merchants to run a business online without setting up a physical store. Shopping cart software is an ordering system by which customers can choose products from a list, place an order for them and also pay through credit card or other media. The payment gateway integrated within the ecommerce shopping cart helps verify the shopping cart credit cards processing and accept payment online instantly online.

The features

Better known as an online product catalog and a virtual store, a shopping cart software allows merchants to add, delete and update products as per their requirements.

This build-on-line store tool basically includes: (just like any physical store)

  • A database
  • A cart
  • A checkout counter

The other basic features of shopping cart software are:

  • Tax calculation;
  • Shipping calculation
  • Securing transactions
  • A payment gateways to accept payment online
  • Facility to email order confirmation

The advanced features of shopping cart software are:

  • Product database
  • Inventory managementStore statistics
  • Catalog management
  • Accounting integration

The product database helps maintain a detailed list of the products with their pricing, weight, identity code, name and so on.

Choosing the right software

Finding the shopping cart software best suited for your business might be difficult. Here are a few tips that can ease your job. Try to find out whether the ecommerce shopping cart software you are looking for fulfils the following criteria or not:

  • Should be flexible enough to accommodate the growth of your business in the future.
  • Should have the capacity to manage more than one store, if need arises.
  • Should be empowered with time tested security and encryption capabilities like SSL etc.
  • Should allow you to customize the online store with your own logos etc.
  • Should have some advanced features like shipping calculation, instant order confirmation for customer satisfaction.
  • Should allow you to conduct ecommerce transactions and accept payment online from customers from any country, in any language and in any currencies.

You can directly download the shopping cart software that you select and get it installed on your web server. Then what remains is configuring the shopping cart. Online shopping carts are also available to take care of configuration intricacies & also minimize the set up time. Shopping cart software once bought can be used for a lifetime. The license remains with the merchant.

Here is a list of the most popular ecommerce shopping cart software available online:

  • PDG shopping cart software
  • Search fit – a search engine friendly ecommerce shopping cart software
  • Xcart shopping cart software
  • Ecommerce template shopping cart software for easy integration into dreamweaver & frontpage
  • Ezimerchant shopping cart software

The costs of ecommerce shopping cart software

The cost of ecommerce shopping cart software varies and depends on many factors. The cost of normal shopping cart software includes the cost of running and hosting an ecommerce site, and additional fees for accepting payments online and processing. The fees for transaction and statement are additional. As one chooses advanced features, the price of shopping cart software too goes up.

Just like a physical store, shopping cart software enables small, medium and large sized merchants to run businesses online without the hassles of having an infrastructure. Maintaining and building the online store is easy and just a few clicks away. Even merchants, who are not tech savvy, will find it easy to install and use. Customers on the other hand can choose from the different products available, add the selected products to the shopping cart and check out. The payment part is also pretty simple as shopping cart credit cards processing is done as soon as the customer clicks on the confirm order button. The speed and the secure transaction process help build trust as well. The usefulness and flexibility of shopping cart software is attracting more entrepreneurs to consider the ecommerce option.

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