Secure Remote SQL Server Backups

Back up Windows 2003 server, also work with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Exchange 2007 Server and Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Backup Service

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Free 15 day Backup service trial up to 20 Compressed Gigabytes! No Hardware to buy or install

Amount of Server Data
Monthly Cost
Up to 5 Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 10 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.99 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 20 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.89 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 50 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.79 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 100 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.69 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 250 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.59 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 500 Compressed Gigabytes
$1.49 per Compressed Gigabyte
Up to 1 Terabyte
$1.19 per Compressed Gigabyte
1+ Terabytes
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Back up your desktop starting at $6.99 per month

Businesses rely on their critical data but lack the in house elements for a reliable redundant off-site data backup solution. We provide a solution that is scaleable to your business needs and you only pay for what you use. The more you use the lower your total cost of ownership. Gain immediate database protection and increased value as your business grows.

Why Remote Backups?

Tape drives and external hard drives are not enough, backup routines get broken Buying backup hardware, software and colocating this equipment off-site is expensive. Your business critical data needs to be duplicated to a safe and secure data center facility. No matter how small or large your business, you need a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg! Unfortunately, buying, maintaining and upgrading your own off-site backup systems can be expensive, both in terms of money and resources. Worse, it can get outdated rather quickly. That's why it makes sense to outsource this requirement as a managed service. Apart from lowering total cost of ownership, outsourcing off-site backups offers the following benefits:

Our productive clients include the following types of businesses-

How much does the remote server backup service cost?

The cost for the service starts at $11.99 per month up to five compressed gigabytes of data. Larger business plans are available. If you have more than one terabyte of data call us and we are more than happy to custom quote a solution that meets your business requirements.

We can also filter your spam and virus's. Fast PC Networks offers colocation services throughout North America

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