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Our network was designed from the ground up to be redundant and fast. Static site or ecommerce, your site will always load and be fast.

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There numerous options for hosting your companies website. Some companies choose to host their site in-house, while this may seem like a good economical choice there are many drawbacks. Most companies especially small to mid-size business's do not have the proper facilities and network to successfully host their own web site. Redundant high-speed internet connections, redundant clean power, proper cooling, physical security, administration and data security; Addressing all of these issues is a daunting task and the costs add up very quick.

By outsourcing to Fast PC Networks, you increase your Information technology budget value. We distribute cost among all our customers and are able to offer very high quality professional business web hosting packages. We have multiple oc3 connections into all our data center facilities so your site will always be there and load fast. In fact we are proud to say all our servers sit on an one hundred mega bit connection to the internet.

The facilities have redundant uninterruptible power. We only use name brand servers and hardware with support contracts in place. All servers run SCSI Hardware RAID1. All our packages include a dedicated IP address for your web site. E-mail with anti-virus and Spam blocking utilizing Baracudda Networks technology. We listened and we added the features that our clients wanted. When you compare feature to feature, we are by far one of the best values on the internet for this high a quality of products and service.

Now includes e-mail with Spam and virus filtering

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Disk Space
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15GB  per month
30GB per month
60GB per month
Mailboxes with advanced spam filtering