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Web Site Design: How to find the right web designer for your web site and ecommerce web store

WEB DESIGN: Face value is the greatest value. “Web Design” is an umbrella term that creates the face of a web site by conceptualizing and designing the way it should look. The whole process of designing a user interface involves a lot of graphical work to create the look and feel of the website.

Tools/ Technologies used for Web Designing: The whole process of designing a web site involves various tools and technologies. Here are some basics:

Photoshop: This software is used to design the layout of a site in an image form.

  • Dreamweaver/ Frontpage: These are used to convert the Photoshop image of the layout into HTML, so that it can be seen in a browser.
  • CSS: Defines the overall styles used all over the web site. Use of CSS saves time and brings uniformity while changing or redefining styles.
  • Flash: This software is used for animation, slide shows, etc. With this software, one can create movies by drawing or importing artwork.
  • Adobe Image Ready: While Flash can form movie clips in .swf form or as an object, Adobe Image Ready gives birth to an animated .gif file.
  • Java Script: This is a client side scripting language used for client or server interaction. Use of Javascript allows client side validation, checking routine tasks like dates, showing or hiding elements of web pages etc.

Other technologies used include actionscript, VB script for advanced features

Components of Web page design: Web page design is a conglomeration of the following components:

  • Header: This is the top most part of a web page. Alternatively called banner, this part of a web page normally includes the title of the web site with company logo and catch lines
  • Navigation Bar: The Navigation Bar is very crucial as it contains the names with links to the other pages of the site. The Navigation bar is either placed just below the header or on the left menu panel. Navigation bar allows easy surfing of the site
  • Body: The body of a web page normally comprises of the content and may have some images, depending on the layout
  • Right Side Panel: This part of a web page is normally used to display advertisements. But this space can also be designed in other ways depending on the layout and the purpose of the site
  • Footer: This is the bottom most part of a web page that contains navigation or copyright statement.

Value Adding points of a Web page design: The two most important things on which a web design stands tall or falls flat are as follows:

  • Graphics: Use of images is important, since images can attract a user at the first go. Use of irrelevant yet glossy pictures can add glamour to the site but not value. This is where a good web designer stands out. A professional web designer looks with a discerning eye and thinks with a smart brain
  • Color: Proper use of color is very essential and the color needs to be carefully chosen. Professional web designers thoroughly check the product that the web site sells before choosing the colors. Colors are the effective tools to promote a product through a site

Guided by the ideals of professionalism and ecommerce rules, our designing services are characterized by three A's:

  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Accessible

Qualities of a Professional Web design job: A professional web design should have the following characteristics in it:

  • Powerful logo clarifying the goals and objective of the company to its target users
  • Fast downloading time
  • Easy navigation
  • Correct and standard HTML codes
  • Different browser compatibility
  • High readability of content
  • Professional look and feel
  • Resolution compatibility

It is often seen that artists design a site out of their artistic whims and passion. Unlike other service providers, we think before designing and the result is reflected on your sales and rising business scalability.

Checkpoints of a good web design: Finding the right web designer may be a tough task. Designing a site is not enough. Ensuring its success with proper use of tools and technologies is far more important. Make it a point to see that your designer is not using any of the following:

  • Excessive and unnecessary use of javascript text scrolling, page counters, animated gif, under construction signs etc
  • Too much information on one page
  • Excessive use of images
  • Unchanged color of visited links
  • Texts used in image form
  • Use of frames
  • Improper validation
  • Image without alternative text
  • Horizontal scroll bar

Your website is the first meeting between you and your potential customer. We understand the crux and importance of web design and offer you designs that are affordable, saleable and revenue generating. We provide designs that suit different palates and wallets.

How affordable are our designs?

We delve deep into the technological whirlpool to offer you customized and tailor made designs. Without using templates, we avoid plagiarism to offer you unique designs that add value to your ecommerce. Consequently, you get web designs that are not only reasonable but also different from the rest. We design web pages to shape your business. Get in touch with us to add color and vigor to your site.

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