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Promote your businessAre you looking for a service that relentlessly promotes your online business 24x7, throughout the year? Wouldn't you like to spend your time on something you really want to do, such as develop more products to sell or spend more quality time with your family and friends?

The Internet is a fountain of unlimited opportunities. It also nurtures -- whether one likes it or not -- unending competition. You let your guard down and there are hundreds of your competitors ready to outsmart you in the game of relentless Internet marketing. You have to make your move carefully through a seemingly impermeable maze of factors.

It's not just enough to get a website on the Internet. Like a castle being attacked by the enemy, you have to defend your business at all the fronts unceasingly. You ignore one aspect, and the entire thing crumbles down to non-existence.

Below we list the components of successful online business.

  1. A well-designed website
  2. The design of your website is of extreme importance. Your website represents you on the world wide is the pseudo-image of yours or your organization. If your website fails to impress, you can forget about doing business on the Internet. There are a few badly designed websites doing good business on the Internet, but that is primarily due to either the overwhelming benefit of the product/service being promoted, or the goodwill the promoter enjoys.

    A good web design doesn't mean having jazzy splash screens and Flash animations doing acrobatics at every click. A good design is pleasant to the eye, matches with the overall theme of the business being promoted, is accessible to as many people as possible, and has a good, solid navigation scheme. Your visitor should be able to find all relevant pages within one or two clicks.

    Remember: it only takes your visitor 5-10 seconds to decide whether he or she wants to stay on your website or go somewhere else.

  3. Relevant content on your website that fetches you quality traffic and puts your message across to your site visitors
  4. Relevance is something that delights the search engine users and that's what the search engines want to give to their users -- relevant content whenever they needed it.

    Relevant content is always the bottom line when it comes to good search engine performance. Search engines are continually working and re-working their search algorithms in order to achieve their primary goal - providing relevant search results that bring forth relevant content. Although search engines continually evolve how they determine relevance one thing remains constant: how the content of your web pages fares.

    You don't need hordes of traffic; you need traffic that fetches you business. Relevant content ensures you get relevant traffic to your website.

  5. Persistently high search engine ranking across all the major search engines and search directories
  6. 169,400,000 people in the US access the internet. 92% of them query search engines.

    85% of internet users use search engines to find the sites they want.

    It has been proven beyond doubt that Internet users don't visit pages and pages of their search results unless they are very desperate to find what they are looking for. At the most they browse through 25-30 results and if they don't find the right website, they alter or refine the search terms. So unless you have a website that is ranked at the top of the search results listing, there is a meagre chance of your website making any progress worth mentioning.

  7. Opt-in mailing lists where people interested in conducting business with you can sign up for regular updates from you
  8. Very few sales happen at the very first visit. On average, a visitor repeatedly visits a website 3-4 times before conducting a business transaction. So you need to establish a system that helps you to collect prospect information and a method of communicating with these potential customers. If you have such a system, you can constantly keep in touch with your prospects and make the foundation of your goodwill ber.

    Having an opt-in email newsletter is a very effective method of collecting information from your prospects. A good opt-in newsletter not only fetches you new customers, it also gets you repeat customers if you sell a worthy product or service. An email newsletter establishes an amiable rapport between you and your prospects. You talk to them regularly and they talk back to you regularly. This develops a long-lasting relationship and your prospects begin to trust you. Once you win their trust, it becomes very easy for you to do business with them.

    Forrester forecasts that spending on opt-in email marketing will grow to $6.8B in 2006 and Jupiter Media Matrix is even more optimistic, forecasting growth rates to $9.4B in 2006.

  9. Link-backs from quality websites
  10. If your website contains good, relevant content, then many websites will link to your website. Search engines consider it as a positive factor while evaluating the relevancy of your website. After all, why would a website link back to your website if your website has nothing worthwhile to show? You need to run quality link-exchange campaigns with other important websites.

  11. Proper targeting
  12. It's very necessary that you reach your target market in the right manner. During the initial stages of the Internet people believed that lots of traffic meant lots of business. They have thoroughly been proven wrong. What you need is, targeted traffic. You need visitors who are looking for you and what you are offering.

    Considering how crucial all the components listed above are for the success of your online business, we bring you an all-encompassing Internet marketing solution that takes care of practically everything. Our comprehensive Internet marketing packages provides:

    We bring you the mother of all packages -- right from web designing to web hosting, all the services in one complete package at an unbeatable price.

    So don't spend precious time promoting your website when you have a business to run. Contact us for more information now.

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